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This page was last updated: May 27, 2015
 XPP–5422G $65.00 with batteries or $62.00 without Batteries
Lighting Tools for Professionals
NIGHTSTICK's high-end LED with exclusive Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-Light capability is the next generation in personal lighting safety. Refineries and Tanker Driver users recognize the safety and utility value of a floodlight equipped with a flashlight. NIGHTSTICK XPP-5422 and XPP-5456G are the preferred choice of Petroleum, Gas and Aerospace professionals needing intrinsically safe lighting to work in hazardous environments.
2-in-1 Flashlight / Safety Light Series
$43.65 +gst
The NIGHTSTICK™ 2-in-1 Safety Light series with seven models is the perfect lighting tool for law enforcement, security and industrial professionals that need a full-size lightweight handheld task light. The thin profile and oval shape fits the size of any hand and works in every traffic situation. For added utility, there’s a removable magnetic clip and lanyard ring for belt carry. The NIGHTSTICK Safety Light series is by far the safest light to carry when directing traffic or marking a hazard area.

The NIGHTSTICK 2-in-1 Safety Light series is designed with super bright LEDs that produce exceptionally powerful light for its size. One switch controls the momentary or constant flashlight and a second switch controls the safety light.
Designed for the hazardous workplace environment. Compact, powerful light output and light weight. incorporates the exclusive Dual-Light INNOVATION that combines a tight focused 120 Lumen CREE XPE LED for flashlight beam for long throw and super bright 120 Lumen floodlight for close-in work. 
Non-slip grip
Impact and chemical resistant
Waterproof to 1 meter (IP67)
Length: 7.0 in (178 mm) Head Diameter: 1.8 in (46 mm)
Handle 1.0 x 1.3 (25 x 33 mm) Weight: 6.3 oz (178 g)

Uses 3 AA batteries - included
17.5 hour run time
IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe for use in Class I II III Div 1 Groups A,B,C,D,E,F & G Hazardous Locations Limited Lifetime Warranty
With or without batteries
NSR–9944B  -  $168.20 +gst 
XPP–5456G Headlamp - $89.00
CREE LED technology 50,000 + hours LED life
Spotlight High/Low-brightness white floodlight red floodlight
Focused spotlight beam for distance illumination
Unfocused wide-beam floodlight for close-up illumination
Red colored floodlight for preservation of night vision
Spotlight Lumens:100
Floodlight Lumens:90 / 20 / 18R
Dual-Light Lumens:175
Length:3.3 in (84 mm)
Width:3.3 in (84 mm)
Depth:3.5 in (89 mm)
Weight:9.5 oz (269 g)
Package Contents:Elastic Non-Slip Headband, Rubber Hardhat Strap and 3 AA Batteries
IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe for use in Class I II III Div 1 Groups A,B,C,D,E,F & G Hazardous Locations Limited Lifetime Warranty
Tactical - Duty - Personal Lights
TAC–560B  -  $127.30 +gst
4600 Series of Headlamps
Click here for information on the4609 and 4610 Headlamps
$36.40 +gst
$44.55 +gst
$71.85 +gst
NSP-2422 Black or Red  -  $37.30 +gst
Not Rechargeable
Clearance Sale on 2in1 Series